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He was working as an environment artist for mobile games by Rovio Entertainment Corporation, who created Angry Birds, with over four billion downloads across all platforms.

Environment artist

Sergio Raposo


Dmitry Gontarev

Game Designer

He is a mobile Game Designer with 6 years of expertise. Dmitry was the tech lead at Pixel's battle ground by Azuro Games, 50M+ installs.

Daren Guo

Adviser, tech lead at Meta

He has been working on Accounts Center on all Meta apps for more than 6 years. He was a tech lead in a Facebook core growth team.

He has increased Twitter & Discord community to 3000%, has brought approximately 17 million USD in NFTs sales. 11+ years marketing consulting with Fortune 500 companies, high value startups $100M+.

Marketing Strategist

Ken Kinya


Aigum Kalasov

Founder & CTO at GameX

Chief Technical Director and Founder at GameX. He is working as general product manager on FiberH and other IT products during 6 years.

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